Skygger I Ruiner
CD Cover
Metal Throne Productions!
Tracks :
1. Dichotomy
2. Shallow Grave
3,. Fragments Of Death
4. Volcanic Breed
5.Destroy Them
6. Bow Down And Praise
7. Invocation Of The Inner Spirit
8. Forgotten Existence
9. Silent Night Pagan Night
10. Unholy Crusade
Released on CD format in December 2013 through Ungod's Metal Throne Productions.Limited in 500 copies.It contains tracks that can only be found in vinyl releases along with some live tracks from Sad's first gig in Athens!
Tracks 1 and 2 are taken from "...And His Minions Shall Eternally Reign"  7"ep!
Track3wastakenfromthe7"split release with Malmort!
Track 4 comes from the7" split release with Pagan Hellfire!
Tracks 5 till 10 were recorded live in 27/10/2012 at An club in Athens!
Logo and Artwork by Ungod!
All music arrangements by Ungod,all lyrics and vocals by Nadir.